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Drinkwater Sailing FAQ

Answers to common questions can be found below:


Where does Drinkwater rendezvous with guests?

Drinkwater meets with guests  on the beach in front of High Tide, see map just above which can also be put into satellite view for clarity.


Kindly arrive 15 minutes prior to your reservation to ensure a full day on the water.

What is Provided:

Snorkel Gear, Open Bar, & Non-Alcoholic Beverages are provided on all excursions.


What to bring:


Towel, Camera, Sunglasses, Hat, Snacks, & Reef Safe Sunblock.

(The US Virgin Islands legislature recently passed a law that bans the sale or possession of products containing oxybenzone and octinoxate)


No spray application sun block is permitted on Drinkwater.

Inhalers, & necessary prescribed medications, EpiPen if you carry one.


For BVI excursions: Cash for BVI customs (generally $75, and cash for lunch ashore)


No coolers or outside beverages please.

Must Bring: 

If you intend to consume alcoholic beverages: Valid State issued Identification or Passport. (No college ID) 

Passport for BVI (other forms of ID are not accepted by the BVI)


Drinkwater is a non-smoking/vaping excursion.


We encourage you to bring small favorite snacks for your children, but please bear in mind that our ever present trade winds will blow any light snacks away ( i.e. chips )

Please contact us prior to booking if you are an individual adult supervising 4 or more children.


Minimum age limit:

'Moonlight Sails' are adult excursions only 18+.

Days & Hours of Operation:

Drinkwater operates 7 days a week from early November through May, see our Calendar for availability and to make a reservation.


BVI Trips are suspended until further notice. Valid Passports are required of all Guests for clearance into the BVI. Guests are responsible for all BVI customs, immigration & misc. fees, this generally costs about $75 per person, they accept cash only. Guests are solely responsible for the cost of all food and beverages purchased at any facility other than The Drinkwater when on charter. Most establishments on Jost Van Dyke only accept cash.


The Drinkwater has three main seating and lounging areas on deck and comfortably seats several guests around her table below decks.

Guests are welcome to utilize these spaces and the guest head (lavatory), located forward and to the left.

Sleeping cabins, Galley spaces (kitchen) and System spaces are all strictly off limits to anyone but crew without expressed permission.

Drinkwater is our home and we humbly ask that you treat it as respectfully as you hope a guest would treat yours.

Toilet Policy:

Marine toilets are sensitive devices & require extensive and costly repairs should malfunctions occur. Non-human waste is absolutely not permitted to be flushed. This includes toilet paper & feminine products. A waste basket is provided for this purpose. If the marine toilet becomes non-functional during charter or thereafter, & is discovered upon repair that prohibited materials caused the malfunction, a fine up to $1000 may be imposed upon the credit card provided.

Weather Related Cancellations:

The big question...What if it rains?

Well, what can we say, even into paradise... a little rain must fall.

That said, we know sailing in the rain isn't your idea of a day in paradise on the water.

In the event of heavy rain or other weather, we always endeavor to coordinate with our guests to reschedule their excursion.

Should our reservations calendar be unfortunately fully booked for the remainder of your visit, we will happily refund your deposit.

Or, if you are a veteran visitor, you may simply reschedule your sail aboard Drinkwater for your following visit to St. John.

While we are an isolated island group and weather moves quite quickly, what appears to be a washout often becomes a spectacular day on the water in little time. 

And not to worry! Should the unfortunate passing rainstorm find us, Drinkwater has enclosed seating (protected from weather) for up to 8 guests comfortably in her main cockpit, canopied seating on deck for other guests, and further seating for 8 around her salon table below decks. 

Drinkwater is an outdoor natural experience excursion, and while we endeavor to have a tranquil sail, splashes and wet weather events beyond our control do occur at sea, as such Drinkwater Sailing can not be held responsible for personal effects. We are happy to provide dry storage for any electronic devices below decks in the event of rain.

Drinkwater Sailing reserves the sole discretion to qualify weather events for the purposes of rescheduling or refunding deposits, in whole or in part.




Please remember we are a seasonal business with just 6 peak working months per year to earn enough to support ourselves and maintain Drinkwater to a high standard.

We work very hard, sometimes back-to-back 18 hour days to provide our guests with a memorable, luxurious yachting experience.

We honor our commitment to your reservation, and we ask that you do the same.

Drinkwater Sailing will accept cancellations in writing only via email to on the following schedules:

'Private Excursions'

Cancellations made in writing via email and received*:

-More than 7 days prior to your Private Excursion date:

100% refund of total charter price.


-More than 48 hours of boarding time:

50% refund of total charter price.


-Less than 48 hours in advance of boarding time or No show:

100% of charter price will be applied to credit card.

*Peak Week Cancellations:

Like other local sailing excursion companies, Drinkwater Sailing reserves the right to observe modified Peak Week Cancellation Policies for cancellations during high season, and may issue cancellation refunds accordingly.

'Peak Weeks' are: Nov 23-30, Dec 15-Jan 15, Apr 8-18

'Private Excursions': Must be cancelled in writing via email 14 days prior to day of excursion for any refund.

Cancellations must be made in writing via email to

Alcohol/Open Bar, Controlled Substances & Responsible Consumption:

All Guests wishing to consume alcohol must bring valid State Issued ID or current Passport

(college ID does not qualify)


While we want all of our guests to enjoy their day, alcohol however is not the primary focus of excursions aboard Drinkwater. We ask that you consume responsibly.

The open bar aboard Drinkwater consists of Beer, White Wine, Rum, Vodka, Water, Juice & non-alcoholic beverages.

Premium wine, beer, liquor, and bubbly selections are available upon request.

No outside alcohol may be brought aboard without the consent of the Captain.

Alcohol shall not be consumed prior to snorkeling. If you wish to have a beverage before snorkel stops begin, you consent to not snorkeling. All guests of legal drinking age may responsibly partake of alcoholic beverages after snorkeling.

Drinkwater is a zero tolerance excursion: No guest at any time shall utilize or even have in their possession at any time, controlled substances or paraphernalia of any kind. This includes any marijuana or CBD based substance, derivative, or device. While state laws have changed in many places, Federal Law still prevails on the high seas. 

Prescribed Medications:

No un-prescribed (non-OTC) medications are permitted aboard


Please disclose all allergies.

Our cuisine regularly offers products with tree nuts, butter, eggs, and gluten.

While we take steps to minimize the risk of cross contamination, customers concerned with food allergies need to be aware there is always a risk.


Drinkwater shall at no time or circumstance assume any liability for adverse reactions to food consumed, or items one may come in contact with while eating our products or that of third party contractors.

Consuming raw, cooked to order or under-cooked meat, poultry, seafood, shellfish or eggs may increase your risk of food borne illnesses, especially if you have certain medical conditions.

Motion Sensitivity:

Drinkwater is a very stable, heavy displacement vessel, meaning she exhibits very little sudden motion.

While rare, while on any boat, some travelers do experience motion sensitivity from time to time.

For travelers aware of a predisposition to motion sensitivity there are a number of products available on the market you may try including:

Bonine, Dramamine, Sturgeron (by Rx), & many have success with Accupressure Bracelets or Patches

***Drinkwater can not provide OTC medications (over the counter) YOU MUST BRING YOUR OWN***


From years of cruising experience, our best advice:

Don't drink to inebriation the evening before your excursion!

If feeling the effects:

  • Drink Water

  • Remain in the shade 

  • Watch distant objects like islands and the horizon

  • While we can not endorse any product, it has been our consistent observation that Bonine has the most efficacy.



Gift Certificates:

Gift Certificates are available here.



The Virgin Islands are a tourism based economy and, like many islanders, our crew relies upon their tips as a large part of their income.

A 20% Gratuity will be applied to the total charter price of all private excursions.


Drinkwater is a LGBTQ+ accepting environment.

Racial slurs, discriminatory or derogatory speech are not permitted aboard whatsoever.

Repeated violation of Drinkwater's Policy of Inclusivity & Tolerance may result in the termination of a charter at any time.

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